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  • Rented instrument that is properly sized/Purchase instrument with approval from director/private lesson teacher
  • Class Book (please write student full name on front cover of the book in permanent marker)
    • Beginners: String Explorer Book (for your instrument)
    • Camerata/Philharmonic/Sinfonia/Legacy: No book needed
  • Tuner
  • Music stand for home practice
  • Everest shoulder rest for violins and violas 
  • Rock stop for cellos and basses (Dycem Black Hole)
  • Rosin
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 2 Pencils
  • Fingernail clippers (can keep at home)
  • 1 Small pencil bag (to keep in your binder with your pencils)
  • 1” black 3-ringed binder with pockets and a clear view front preferably
    • This binder should be brought to class every day.  It should go home every night to aid in practice. The binder should be replaced if lost or damaged. A binder check (grade) can be given on any day! 

Other Required Things


  • Fowler Orchestra Polo (if you are  a returning student and need a bigger size/replacement, polos are $20 through the Booster Club. Free for new students)

  • Black Slacks/Dress Pants

  • Long Black Socks (solid black)

  • Black Dress Shoes

  • Examples here


To be enrolled in Orchestra, each student is required to pay a $100 fee. This fee will contribute to many activities that we do for our students in the orchestra program. Examples, but not limited to: bus transportation, festival/contest fees, awards, rewards, t-shirt, etc.

School Instruments

1. The only instruments that will be provided to students for in-school use are Cello, Bass, and Harp. FISD requires  a fee of $100 to use the instrument for the school year. These will be payable through OnlineSchoolFees and you will also need to sign an instrument usage agreement.

2. Students who play the violin and viola are required to rent from a preferred vendor. DO NOT purchase an instrument without first consulting an orchestra teacher or private lesson teacher. 

Purchasing an Instrument

Instruments should not be purchased without notifying the orchestra director or private lesson teacher. Do NOT purchase instruments off of Amazon/Ebay, etc. 
The quality of instrument that you will get for the price is not worth the headache of having to fix all of the problems that come with a poorly made instrument. 

Instrument Care and Maintenance

You can read the longer version below, but here are the key points:

  • If you don't think YOU will be comfortable, chances are your instrument will not either. AKA don't leave your instrument in the car, in heat or the cold, in the rain, etc.

  • Wipe down your instrument strings after you play

  • Do not touch the hair of the bow with your fingers--the natural oils on your fingers can damage the hair!

  • Do NOT use Lysol or Clorox or any type of rubbing alcohol on the instrument, especially the wood! Do not mark, carve, glue anything or decorate it either!

  • If a string breaks or something comes off, the first course of action is to contact a teacher. DO NOT try to fix it yourself!

  • Handle your instrument with care!

View video here on more instrument care information

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