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Students at FMS are highly encouraged to TRY out for the All-Region Orchestras. 
(not for beginner students)

What is All-Region?
All-Region is a process that the students can participate in to be selected in a group comprised of the best musicians in our Region (Region 24). Our region is composed of students from Frisco, McKinney, and Prosper.

Students may select one of two Orchestra levels to audition from (Concert, Sinfonia/Chamber). Auditions are held in October, however students should be practicing daily on their try out music by going to morning rehearsals at FMS or taking private lessons, or BOTH!

Auditions are EXTREMELY important and nothing should be planned on that day except All Region Auditions. Please do not schedule a private lesson, go to an athletic practice, or anything that might cause you to be late or absent. 
Auditions are "blind" meaning that the selected judges will not be able to see you. They are sitting behind a curtain, while the rest of the students in the wait patiently for their turn to play the music. 

Audition results will be given on that Monday following the audition. Please do not email or contact the director for the results, and please do not hang around the audition facility for results. 

If you are selected to be a member of the All Region Orchestra, you will be FULLY RESPONSIBLE for attending ALL rehearsals and the concert which is listed on the Contract Form. If you know that you will not be able to attend, DO NOT AUDITION. 
If you have any questions, please email Ms. Lien. GOOD SKILL!

All Region Flight Time Rehearsal Schedule (first week will be before school)
Monday- No Rehearsals
Tuesday- Concert Violins/Violas
Wednesday- Chamber-Sinfonia Violins/Violas
Thursday- Concert & Chamber-Sinfonia Cellos
Friday- Concert & Chamber-Sinfonia Bass

If you are in Camerata–you should plan to attend all sectionals. 
If you are in Philharmonic–you should plan to attend at least four sectionals prior to September 26th. 
If you are in Sinfonia–you should plan to attend at least three sectionals prior to September 26th.
If you are in Legacy–you should plan to attend at least two sectionals prior to September 26th.
EVERYONE trying out for All-Region should plan to attend the sectionals the week of September 25. This will determine next steps you need to take to be successful in the All-Region process (or if you want to not audition). All sectionals in October will be focused on audition practice and preparation tips and mock auditions. If you are auditioning, we highly recommend that you attend at least two of the three sectional sessions in October so that you are prepared for the REAL DEAL!
This is NOT for any students in Beginner Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass/Harp.
Sectionals begin Week of 8/14 and end after All-Region auditions. Please keep all of October 29th available for the auditions. Specific times are not released until the week before and can not be altered. If you are accepted into All-Region, you must be available all of Friday evening and the full day on Saturday for the clinic and concert. (November 3 and 4). If you can not make any part of the clinic and concert, then you must forfeit your spot to someone else.


Contracts are due (August 31) along with a $15 entry fee. 
Checks are made payable to Fowler Middle School Orchestra Booster Club

Music can be found on your Canvas and Email
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