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The Instruments

Separate, they sound beautiful, but together each instrument brings its uniqueness to the whole ensemble!

violin 2.png


More great music has been written for the violin than any other school instrument. Whether you want to “fiddle” or solo or even play tango music, the violin is a great choice!
Mrs. Kim is a violinist!
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Though the viola looks like a violin, it is actually slightly bigger and has a deeper, richer, and more mellow sound in contrast to the violin's bright sound. They also are the only instrument that read a super special clef called the alto clef! Violists tend to have less competition (smaller pool of musicians to compete against) and more opportunity for scholarships and advancement. 
Ms. Lien is a violist!
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There’s always room for cello! The great cellist Yo-Yo Ma, performs for audiences all over the world. He started playing the cello at age four. You have probably heard him play on the movie soundtrack to “Shrek”. 
Bonus is that cellists always sit to play!
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Double Bass

Did you know that the bass is the most versatile instrument? You can play the bass in an orchestra, jazz, blues, and rock bands--and much, much more. Cool, huh? The bass is the heart of the orchestra and provides the depth of sound. Like the viola, the basses have less competition and more opportunity for scholarships and advancement. The great thing about bass (and all string instruments) is that there are difference sizes available, so even if you aren't very tall yet, you can still play the bass!




The Harp is a beautiful instrument. The concert harp is large and technically modern, designed for classical music, and played solo, as part of chamber ensembles, and in symphony orchestras.  In order to start the harp in the 6th grade, you must have prior piano experience. Only a select few harpists are admitted to the orchestra program each year which makes you among the elite!


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