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5th Grade Parents

Why Orchestra?

Orchestra is one of the best decisions that you can make as an incoming 6th grader. It is not only a community that spans for 7 years (in middle school and high school), but you will meet people that will be your friends for life. We have lots of socials and fun throughout the year, but we also work on musical aspects to become better musicians as well!
Additionally, research has shown that students who are involved in Orchestra receive higher SAT/ACT scores and overall highest grades.
Look toward the future: It is a fact that colleges pick students for scholarships who are involved in music, and you don’t even have to major in it! For example, UT Austin has not only the University Orchestra, but also a "Non-Majors" Orchestra for students not studying music to continue their playing!
Current brain research indicates that many people naturally think musically - especially as young children. As parents and educators, it is imperative that we value creative thinking in children and ensure that their capacities for learning music are as fully developed as possible.
Additionally, music trains the brain to be more efficient. See the interesting video below on music and brain development!
To view the full All-State student average SAT score chart click here.

Notice that the Symphony Orchestra (top orchestra students) and particularly the String Orchestra (only orchestra students) have the highest scores.

Elective Choices in the 6th grade:
  • 6th grade students may choose only ONE elective.
  • Athletics and Cheerleading are NOT offered in the sixth grade, however Orchestra is offered starting in 6th grade. When the students reach 7th grade they can take both athletics AND Orchestra.
  • Falcon Orchestra students are equally involved in all athletics throughout the year without conflicts.
  • Orchestra does not conflict with other middle school activities such as athletics or cheerleading.
  • You DO NOT have to take THEATRE to be in a school play. IN FACT, many orchestra students who are not enrolled in theatre have been elected for many roles in the Theatre productions.


Let us help clarify any questions you might have! If you have any further questions, please email Ms. Lien at

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